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Hair Loss
With close to three decades of hairdressing experience, our team of qualified hairdressers can offer precisely the hairstyle you’re looking for.
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 Hair Loss & Toppers

Our hair loss system is designed for every type of hair loss from medical to stress related, we provide a confidential service that offers a one to one full personal consultation with Bev herself, Bev also provides a full range of  styling of your own hair and the system being fitted. We provide after care and help with styling your new system. We can add volume and fullness using a high quality of human hair and colour match to your every needs. Our system takes between 4 to 6 hours for fitting and styling the system and the client returns every 5/6 weeks for maintenance. The service we provide is both ladies/gents and even young children. We also provide full hair extentions  from  Tape, micro beads, micro weft nano rings etc. 


Wig Services

We also offer a full confidential service to both ladies and gents fitting full and partial hair pieces, we provide a private room in the salon out of everybody’s view to give you that extra special touch.

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